Tiger Smith

The main claim to fame of Tiger Smith (1875-1931), who was also known as James Addis, was a 1907 bout with the great Sam Langford.

Smith, who was born in Yorkshire but lived in Merthyr Tydfil, was an army champion and a Boer War hero.

He was never a fighter of the highest caliber, though, and his accomplishments did not leave him well equipped to encounter Langford.

The ‘Boston Tar Baby’ is regarded as arguably the greatest fighter never to win a world title – the colour bar denying him his chance – but the April 1907 showdown with Smith at the National Sporting Club was somehow billed as being for a world crown.

Smith was badly over-matched and was stopped in the first minute of the fourth round.

He was also stopped in four rounds by Welsh middleweight great Tom Thomas.


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