James Brimmell

James Brimmell was a long-serving Welsh boxing official who worked as a referee and judge at some of boxing’s biggest nights.

The Cardiff steelworker was a judge at the second Roberto Duran v Sugar Ray Leonard showdown, at New Orleans on 25 November, 1980 – the so-called ‘no mas’ fight.

At the end of the seventh, Brimmell had Leonard ahead by just one round, while the other two judges had the US golden boy leading by two.

Most journalists at ringside had Leonard further ahead, but all agreed that the fight was close, and that neither man had been hurt.

Duran, frustrated by Leonard’s skill and his refusal to engage in toe-to-toe combat, famously quit in the eighth.

The legend grew that the Panamanian’s words to the referee were ‘no mas’, meaning ‘no more’.

It has been convincingly argued, though, that Duran’s actual words were ‘no quiero peleo con el payaso’ – ‘I do not want to fight with this clown’.

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