Dai ‘Chips’ Davies

As a boxer, Dai ‘Chips’ Davies’s main claim to fame was his three fights against his Tylorstown neighbour Jimmy Wilde.

Trench warfare on the western front

Dai Davies’ career was ended by injury suffered on the western front

Davies seems to have been something of a bogey man for the great Wilde, as he won the first fight, the second was a draw, and Wilde was said to have been fortunate to get the verdict in the third.

‘Peerless’ Jim Driscoll himself said that the hardest contest Wilde ever had was against Davies in Tonypandy, when Wilde conceded over two stones to his opponent.

Davies was said to have never been stopped in 150 fights, but his career was badly affected by World War I.

He lost much of the muscle from his leg during service in France and he would eventually die at a young age, estimated to be about 40.


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