Book review: Swansea Boxers

Alexandra Road, Swansea (Photo: Pat Buchanan, Flickr)

Alexandra Road, Swansea (Photo: Pat Buchanan, Flickr)

Burns, himself a former professional boxer from Swansea, makes it clear from the outset that his tome is not a record book or directory and is not intended to be comprehensive.  It is the work of a man who is proud of the achievements of Swansea’s boxing community and who wanted to publish a work dedicated to it.

After a series of short biographies of Swansea boxers and their records, Burns describes the challenges of the five Swansea boxers who have fought for world titles (as of 2010). These are:

  • Ronnie James (the first challenger, took on Ike Williams)
  • Brian Curvis (v Emile Griffith)
  • Colin Jones (v Milton McCrory twice, then Don Curry)
  • Floyd Havard (v John John Molina)
  • Enzo Maccarinelli

Maccarinelli was the only one of the five to hold a world title, and Burns laments the fact that no Swansea man has held an undisputed crown.

He then turns his attention to the eight Swansea men who had won British titles (as of 2010):

  • Ronnie James
  • Cliff Curvis
  • Brian Curvis
  • Colin Jones
  • Neville Meade
  • Robert Dickie
  • Peter Harries
  • Floyd Havard

Burns also deals with Swansea’s Welsh champions, then unsuccessful challengers for titles and the city’s fighting families.

Certainly a niche book, but one with a wealth of information for the enthusiast.


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  1. Robrasta November 10, 2016 at 12:32 am #

    This book is a very basic trawl of old regurgitated unremarkable rehashed previously recorded data.
    If it took more than an evening to write it then the author must have learning difficulties.

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